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Ethical Dilemmas What Should Jean Do Essay - 1551 Words

Ethical Dilemmas: What should Jean do? Jean McGuire works as a salesperson of land property in Sunrise Land Developers. Jean’s superior Wright Boazman, the sales director, described the importance and efficiency of using â€Å"deal-closing techniques†. This technique is usually used to motivate the prospect into buying the lot, because often people really want to buy a lot but hesitate at the last few minutes of signing agreements. Wright introduced the most effective closing technology termed â€Å"the other party† to salespersons in the company. As Wright explained it, when a salesperson has a prospect actually want to buy a lot, but the prospect was too slow to buy it, the salesperson’s job at the moment was to push the prospect to make purchase decision as soon as possible. The method was that the salesperson would let the prospect know a number of other salespeople were showing the lot at the same time, the lot have attracted plenty of potential customers to come visit, and it might be alr eady sold. Of cause, the salesperson was a liar, and the process of ensuring the prospect to believe was all false play. Jean did not want to cheat her prospects, as a result, her sales performance was far behind her colleagues who used the â€Å"deal-closing techniques†. The situation is made more serious by her austere life pressure if Jean does not follow Wright’s hypocritical technology. This essay states a clear analysis of ethical dilemma that Jean is facing and two ethical theories: Kant’sShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Jean Mcguire s Closing The Deal Essay1475 Words   |  6 Pagesfactors play a huge part in decisions made everyday. In the case study â€Å"Closing the Deal†, Jean McGuire is faced with an ethical dilemma, there are a number of ways this ethical dilemma can be resolved however not all options include ethical morals. Jean McGuire works for Sunrise Land Developers selling lots. Wright Boazman the sales director at the company states Jean â€Å"lacks technique† (Shaw, 2014, p. 236). Jean McGuire has a decision to make on which sales technique she is going to use, Wright usesRead MoreLegal And Social Environment Of Business Essay1240 Words   |  5 Pages Danielle Flatman 14203354 115.103 Legal and Social Environment of Business Assignment One: Ethical Dilemmas Due Date: Monday 18th August @ 6.00pm Paper Coordinator: Number of Words Used: Jean McGuire works as a land salesperson for a real estate company called Sunrise Land Developers who specialise in selling lots to prospective clients. Her clients require her to represent the lots in an accurate light. The company’s sales director Wright Boazman demonstratedRead MoreThe Ethical Dilemma Of Jean Mcguire Essay1690 Words   |  7 PagesJean McGuire has worked as a land salesperson for Sunrise Land Developers for the past six months. Upon starting she was advised by her superior to use techniques on prospects that rely on psychological manipulation to close the deal. The techniques deceive the prospect about the availability of the lot and put them in a now or never position. Jean objected to the use of such devices and as a result her sales have fallen well below those of her co-workers’. Unsure what to do and worried about losingRead MoreJean Mcguire, A Land Salesperson For The Company Sunrise Land Developers Essay1596 Words   |  7 PagesJean McGuire works as a land salesperson for the company Sunrise Land Developers. Six months into the job, Jean has lost more than made sales for the company and is thinking about using the sales technique described by her boss. Other sales representative’s use it and have proven to be a success, however, it involves deceiving clients by giving misleading information, which Jean instinctively objects to. The technique is to make the interested client think that someone else is also interested inRead MoreThe Characteristics Of Jean s Ethical Dilemma Essay1851 Words   |  8 PagesChristopher Wells Student ID: 10122074 Word Count: xxxx Jean McGuire works as a sales representative for Sunrise Land Developers selling land to potential customers (hot prospects). Jean’s role as a land salesperson is to help the prospect make a decision to buy the property. When she is told by the Sales Director Wright Boazman to use a variety of effective â€Å"deal-closing techniques†, Jean realises such techniques are nothing more than a form of psychological manipulationRead More1.1.Objective Evaluation Of All Available Options. According1626 Words   |  7 Pagesbears testimony to the fact that time and again large-scale disasters happened due to the lack of ethical standards of some leaders or the other. We come to know from his research that there are two approaches to handle ‘ethical dilemma’: 1) before deciding on the course of action, assess the practical consequences likely to follow and 2) whatever be the likely consequences, do what you consider ethical. The first school of thought argues that if there is no harm, there is no foul. The second claimsRead MoreRelationship Between Facts And Theories Essay1537 Words   |  7 Pagesmorals and moral dilemmas. There are three ethical theories pertaining to judging a person’s actions: virtue ethics, deontological ethics, and teleological ethics. We can approach a moral dilemma using each theory. Consider the moral dilemma of Jean Valjean, from Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables: Years after committing a crime, Jean Valjean has recreated himself in a town as a public benefactor and mayor. One day, another man is arrested for a petty crime and identified as Jean. At first, Jean believes thatRead MoreAn Ethical Dilemma1276 Words   |  6 Pages| An Ethical Dilemma | | Mary Ryan 8/27/2012 | Ethical dilemmas come up often within the workplace and can be difficult to handle when an employee needs to choose between what’s right and what’s wrong based on their own morals and principals. Handling ethical issues should be pursued in a steady and cautious approach towards matters that can potentially be dangerous or illegal. (Mayhew) One ethical dilemma that I was caught in the middle of left me in a position where I was almostRead MoreCritical Review On Moral Reasoning3548 Words   |  15 Pagesfinancial scandals, there has been an increased attention given to ethics and moral reasoning and increasing chuck of literature devoted to the topic of moral reasoning. Definition In making and implementing decisions, one puts widely accepted ethical principles, vocation, values, character and spiritual resources, into practice, highlighting its’ importance in an individual’s life. Ethics is a widely researched area, with research being focused on different subsections of ethics. According toRead MoreThe Ethical Dilemma of Sexual Appeal in Advertising Essay2621 Words   |  11 PagesJustin D. Clegg Comms 300 Media Law M. Driessen The Ethical Dilemma of Sexual Appeal in Advertising The old adage â€Å"sex-sells† is an assumption that has caused an ethical dilemma in a fast moving world filled with media consumers and advertising. The use of sexual appeal in advertising has increased dramatically in the United States within the last decade. Its misuse and pervasiveness surround us every day and elicit powerful emotions by individuals of all ages, both male and female.

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